NABL Accredited Testing Laboratory Vide Certificate Number TC-12810

Workshop on Confocal Microscopy system-2022

Apr 26, 2022 ( Workshops )

Two Day workshop on Confocal Microscopy held at SATHI Facility, BHU under supervision of Prof. J. K Roy, Dept. of Zoology, Dr. Richa Arya, Dept. of Zoology & Dr. Anand Kumar Singh. Chief Guests were Prof. Anil Kumar Tripathi, Coordinator SATHI, Prof. S. Sri Krishna Head of Dept. of Biochemistry, Prof. S.C. Lakhotia Distinguished Prof. Dept. of Zoology, Dr. Sagar Sengupta, National Instiute of Immunology, New Delhi. A total of 26 participants from BHU and other institutes participated in the program.

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