NABL Accredited Testing Laboratory Vide Certificate Number TC-12810

Modus operandi Rate List

The modus operandi for using the equipment will be as under:

Sl. No.



The User will request the Chief Operating Officer (COO), SATHI-BHU ( for Proforma Invoice mentioning service code for analytical need and number of samples to be analyzed .


The COO, SATHI-BHU will consult the In- charge / operator of the equipment for user charge.


Proforma Invoice is emailed to the user with a request to deposit user charges in the SATHI-BHU Account.


The User will deposit the user charges in the bank account  and email the proof of depositing user charge along with receipt to the COO, SATHI-BHU


The COO, SATHI-BHU will verify and forward the request of the user to the equipment operator. Upon receiving a response from the operator, The COO, SATHI-BHU will inform the user about the date and time for receiving the Samples for analysis. 


Sample is received by the COO, SATHI-BHU and submitted to the equipment operator for analysis.


Equipment operator will certify job completion or send the report to the user with a copy to the COO, SATHI-BHU.


The COO, SATHI-BHU will provide Invoice of the service to the user.

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